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Everyone always asks us what is Gym Mode. 

First  of all we aren’t a clothing brand, well at least we don’t see ourselves as one. We see ourselves as, motivational armour. 

When you have our products on, we are with you. Pushing you, supporting you, encouraging you  and most of all believing in you. 

Once you put on or use our products, you’re engaged, you’re in Gym Mode. Which means, it’s about to go down, you’re about to have a killer session, you’re going to show the gym who’s boss, you will turn up, show up and prove. I could go on but I’m guessing you get the point. 

Long story short, we make items for Super Hero’s (Disclaimer – Our products will not make you fly or move at the speed of sound). 

On that note. Join the movement, get the gear, hit the gym and reach your goals (well, now our goals, as we are with you).  

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